The Air Quality Map Cloud Service will assist the JAC in its development of air quality planning and management strategies to ensure a reduction in air pollution concentrations for public health and welfare of residents of the Paso del Norte air basin.  The Cloud Service will support technical resources such as written procedures for monitoring operations, QA and maintenance. It will host a web based application called MaintainView with instrument manuals, maintenance scheduling and recording and audit scheduling and recording. Documentation of standard  procures and performance of maintenance and audits will assure that there is equal confidence is all air quality data collected in the Airshed’s air monitoring programs that follow well developed procedures also could receive ISO 17025 certification for monitoring and for calibration.

The Cloud will host the Envista Air Resources Manager Suite of programs and services. Data from the stations in the Juárez Airshed will either be polled directly by Envista or Envista will get data from agency services. As of July 15 the cloud was receiving data from the NM and Texas stations located within the Airshed.  State of NM data is sent hourly via FTP to the Airshed Cloud server’s FTP site. The TCEQ LEADS system web site is being polled hourly by the Envista ARM program. Data from station data loggers in Mexico will be polled by the Envista program.

The Cloud service will use the Envista ARM Web Edition site for publication of Paso del Norte Air Basin air quality data in Spanish and English. Data presentations include US and Mexican AQI values, advisories relevant to the Airshed that are published by any of the air quality monitoring agencies, Technical Reports, Notices of Events.

The cloud service will support:

  • Automated and on demand data collection from station loggers, agency web site interfaces and files sent to the cloud service secure ftp site.
  • On-the-Fly data review and alerting for instrument issues and air quality levels
  • Data management, editing and validation
  • Data Reporting
  • Restful API for data access by authorized users
  • Air Quality Maps, Dynamic Tables and Dashboards to enhance public awareness of air quality conditions in the Paso del Norte Air Basin. Bothe English and Spanish selectable.
  • Android and IOS phone Apps in English and Spanish.
  • MaintainView  Web application for station maintenance, QA and equipment inventory management system

In the future the cloud services will be evaluated for the potential to support:

  • Importing of non-continuous data sets from filter based samplers and from laboratory data from metals and organic species analysis.
  • Modeling and forecasting
  • Air quality management assessments and planning